How Smartwatches Could be Life Savers in the Form of Technology?


A few days back I was visiting the hospital and in the emergency room, I saw a person who was being treated for cardiac arrest. The amazing thing was that he was saved by just a matter of minutes. The ultimate reason was an alert by his Apple watch which warned him to contact the doctor immediately due to abnormal heart rate values. The patient took that warning seriously and was saved by just a margin, otherwise, he could have been hit by a cardiac arrest and could lose his life in no time. This warning by a smartwatch was a big reason behind a miracle and we can rely on this technology without any doubts.

There are many smartwatches in the market and could be divided into two different categories, one is a typical smartwatch and another one is considered as a fitness tracker. Smartwatches are more featured in case of basic smartphone features like notifications and replies on different platforms but in fitness trackers, there are more fitness features like the number of footsteps and heartrate monitoring. Apple Watch is a good example of smartwatch and Fit Bit or Garmin are good examples of fitness trackers. All watches hold specific tools to benefit their customers.

If we talk about saving lives then the features in these devices developed with time and are now getting more accurate day by day. The more prominent features are heart rate and footsteps by which users can monitor their activities regularly. Some watches are also giving the feature of monitoring blood pressure but its accuracy is not certain as the procedure involved while getting the readings of blood pressure are very difficult to provide in a smartwatch. However, Omron has now been successful to provide this feature with accuracy in their smartwatch.

Most of the smartwatches now use artificial intelligence to warn their users about an alarming situation on the basis of figures being recorded continuously. For example on an Apple watch if the heart rate is above 150 then it is clearly abnormal and leads to cardiac arrest, so the watch immediately gives a warning and recommends a visit to the emergency room or a doctor. We hope that more features other than measuring heart rate and blood pressure will come into development soon. This method is a real lifesaver and could help millions by using the edge of the technology.

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