How to check traffic e-challan online

How to check traffic e-challan online?


e Challan in Pakistan

The e-challan System

LAHORE – The e-challan system was initiated in Lahore by the PSCA (Punjab Safe Cities Authority) in cooperation with the CTP (City Traffic Police) on 23 September 2019.

This traffic system uses ANPR (Automatic Vehicle Number Plate Recognition) to identify traffic violators. The PSCA positioned cameras throughout the city’s roads.

E Challan

E challan documents will be sent to the offenders’  registered addresses according to the identification of their vehicles.

How to check e-Challan Online:

Visit the PSCA’s website, enter your vehicle’s CNIC & registration number to monitor your violation status, whilst you can print it too.

Electronic Ticketing Center

Since the inception date, the ETC (Electronic Ticketing Center) of the PSCA distributed over 75,000 e-challans which equal a deposit of over Rs7-million to Pakistan’s national treasury!

Types of traffic offenses e challan

At the start, violating a red signal will evoke an e-challan. Other types of traffic offenses will be handled electronically too.

How to check traffic e-challan online?
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How to check traffic e-challan online?
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