How to fight Coronavirus?

How to fight Coronavirus?


As we all know that no one is safe from the devastating effects of lethal coronavirus. Under the wake of it, we all must develop some precautionary measures to avoid this virus. How to fight Coronavirus?

How to fight Coronavirus?

In these circumstances where most of the countries are experiencing a high rate of deaths because of coronavirus, we must protect ourselves from it. But the question arises in minds about how can we fight this virus? What are the necessary measures that should be taken to avoid coronavirus?

So, let’s discuss what we can do to protect ourselves from this deadly virus. In order to avoid this disease,

  • One must wash one’s hands properly.
  • One must try to avoid contact with the persons who are having signs of cough, flu or illness.
  • During cough or sneeze, you must be covering your mouth with a mask or tissue paper. Discard that tissue and wash off your hands properly.
  • Cover your face properly using face masks.
  • In case if you are feeling illness, cough or flu immediately seek help or treatment from your physician. Also, share your travel history with the one curing your illness.
  • Most importantly, if you have travelled from those areas that are already under the spell of the disease like China, South Korea or Italy, then you must have to be careful contacting other persons. Before effecting other persons with the disease, make sure that you have done all your tests required to find out coronavirus.
  • People who are already suffering from the disease should avoid contacting others as it may cause illness to the other person as well. They should stay indoors cutting off their connection with the other human beings. Only then there will be the least chances of the spreading of the virus.

What is the recovery rate of Coronavirus?

As per now, the world’s best scientists are working day and night to discover a vaccine that will be used against COVID-19. In order to remove these viruses from the human body, there is no such reliable treatment produced yet.

WHO Health Emergencies Programme

The executive director of the WHO Health Emergencies Programme, Mike Ryan said during a press conference,

“There is no recognized therapeutic against coronaviruses.” He further told, “The primary objective in an outbreak related to a coronavirus is to give adequate support of care to patients, particularly in terms of respiratory support and multi-organ support.”

However, vaccines that are being tried on a large scale to eradicate the disease and avoid its lethal effects. According to the recent reports from CNN, the researchers at the US National Institutes of Health have already started working on preparing the vaccine. However, it will take a year or a half to prepare it.

Vaccine against the new Coronavirus

Global Times in a tweet revealed that “Scientist are racing to develop a vaccine against the new Coronavirus. China’s CDC, Shanghai-based Stemirna Therapeutics Co., US’ Johnson & Johnson, Moderna Therapeutics, and Inovio Pharmaceuticals are all working quickly to develop a vaccine.”


Meanwhile, China has started conducting clinical trials of two drugs that will combat COVID-19. Remdesivir that was originally made to sure Ebola virus has shown positive effects on the patient belonging to America. However, it is not licensed for use yet.

The researchers have discovered a 3D map of the coronavirus protein that will help in preparing the vaccine to combat coronavirus in the future.

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