Increase Readiness Skills in Child

How to Increase Readiness Skills in Your Child?


Do you want to help your young child build visual memory and visual closure skills? If it has some value for you then read a few of our logical tips below.

Try to make a puzzle or two. It’s easy to do and will help your child get ready to read.

Simple Method:

Choose a favorite picture, make one, or copy a favorite photograph. Mount your picture onto posterboard or other lightweight cardboard. One method that works well is a rubber cement dry mount.

Make Your Own Puzzle Picture:

Coat both surfaces with a layer of rubber cement and allow them to dry completely. Once dry, simply touch the pieces together and they will bond securely. Now, just cut your picture into unique pieces.

You can adjust the number of pieces and their complexity to suit your child’s ability. Put your puzzle into an envelope or zipper bag for storage, and you’re all set!

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