How to Increase the intake of Vitamin D in Easy ways?

It is essential to consume Vitamin D each day! This vitamin is needed to absorb iron, phosphate and calcium together with other natural combinations in your digestive organs. Our daily portion of Vitamin D comes from Vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3.

 Natural & easy sources getting your daily portion of Vitamin D

 Enjoy the Sunlight outside

The rays of the sun in all its abundance are the most essential source from where you can acquire your dosage of Vitamin D. The sun’s rays assist with Vitamin D’s formation from your skin. Cholesterol is converted into Vitamin D with the assistance of the sun. However, you should always take care and don’t expose yourself to the sun for a long period and should always use sun block. The UV Rays (Ultra Violet Rays) of the sun can be harmful and can cause sun-damage if you don’t take proper care! 

Consume Mushrooms daily

These “veggies” shaped like small umbrellas have lots of nutritional value and contains Vitamin D. Furthermore, they are rich in Vitamin B1, B2 and protein! Mushrooms can be prepared in various ways and should be included in your daily diet. Use them in pastas, soups, salads and any other meal you want to “spice” up with goodness. These small treats strengthen the body and you should enjoy it!

Put Fish on your Menu

Fish with it’s superabundance of minerals as well as other nutritional qualities, contains Vitamin D too. Consuming fish will supply you with the vital Omega-3 fatty acids abundantly and has a good content of Vitamin D! For the support and stability of your skeletal system you should incorporate fish in your diet plan, to a great extent.

 Cod Liver Oil – a great Source of Vitamin D

In cod liver oil you have almost a “stockpile” of Vitamin D. It won’t just help you to get your daily portion of the needed Vitamin D, as it will also assist with fighting adulthood osteoporosis, improving your brain function and act as a rejuvenator for the nervous system, as stated in studies.

  Beef Liver & Vitamin D

Beef liver contains a great amount of Vitamin D and will also provide you with high protein content. However, consuming protein can have some dangers associated with cholesterol levels in liver. However, try to introduce beef liver to your menu.

Vitamin D poses to be highly essential for our bodies to function healthily. It provides protection against various conditions like serious infections and chronic diseases, including osteomyelitis and osteoporosis. It is also beneficial for the growth of our bone structure and helps with the lubrication while it benefits regular cellular activity, too.

Use of Eggs in Daily Diet:

Eggs are a good Vitamin D-source and are readily available to eat. However, while it’s Vitamin D-contents is not so rich, it was proved by studies that a single egg on a daily basis can provide 10% of the Vitamin D, you need each day. Eggs taste good, are accessible and can easily be cooked. It is advisable to include eggs in your diet plan as a great Vitamin D source!

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