“Howdy Modi” Rally at Houston with Trump Revealed Hidden Planning


WASHINGTON – On 22 September at an Indian-American rally, President Trump joined the Indian PM, Narenda Modi, showing the existing bond between the leaders and the countries. Both leaders have very strong agenda to stand against the Muslims especially, on the name of terrorism they want to defame the religion of Islam. Both have hidden strategies to deal with the Muslims.


This meeting, dubbed ‘Howdy Modi’ is declared the third one this year. The rally was hosted in Houston Texas at the NRG stadium. Almost Over 50,000 people registered for this event


The White House stated this gathering should be the fine opportunity accentuating the strong ties which exist between the Americans and Indians, whilst the strategic partnership will be reaffirmed, linking the globe’s largest and oldest democracies.



Discussions would be held how the trade and energy relationship can be deepened. During the same day President Trump travelled to Ohio, where he together with PM Scott Morrison, displayed a factory owned by Australia.


The two joint meetings can be observed as an attempt to improve relationships with the leaders of foreign countries, seen at the backdrop of Donald Trump’s outspoken remarks and overconfident style which had unnerved US allies.


However, this rare rally with Modi is an indication that both countries have moved on after an incident during July when India was confused about a remark from Trump. 


When Trump met with Pakistan’s PM, Imran Khan, he said that President Modi asked for mediation regarding the occupied Kashmir region. This issue is a high source of tension between the two countries which both possess nuclear weapons.


However, India rejected the role of any outside country within occupied Kashmir. During August, the autonomous status of occupied Kashmir was revoked by India, which shattered communications for many of the region’s Muslim majority.


The Chief of UN rights as well as other rights groups criticized India’s actions, whilst Pakistan appealed for pressure on India.  Trump, has expressed support for Narenda Modi’s actions.


Reaching across the aisle


Both Trump & Modi have often drawn comparisons to one another whilst both right winger’s were elected on promises of advancing the majority’s identity.


According to organizers, they wanted to keep the Indian-American rally impartial, planning a cultural performance.


The Indian ambassador, Harsh Vardhan Shringla said to AFP that this joint event portrays the friendship and personal chemistry between the two leaders.


Shringla added both leaders are able to think outside the box, whilst he described their joint appearance is unique & unconventional. This event will also be reflecting the strong neutral support regarding US-India relations. He depicted Indian-Americans to be an ‘organic bridge’ connecting the globe’s two principal democracies.


According to Shringla, Modi has prepared special programs with energy companies in Houston, before travelling to New York to attend the United Nations General Assembly.


Whilst American Indians are prosperous and highly educated in America, about 4 million can trace their origins back to India. During 2015 an Indian-American household was earning about $100,000 which is almost twice that of the US average, (reported by the Pew Research Center).


However, according to expectations the Indian-Americans won’t be a great voting base for President Trump, getting ready to win another term in office during the 2020 elections.


In 2016, about 84% of Indian-Americans brought out their votes in favour of Hillary Clinton, his rival. This make them one of the ethnic groups which are leaning towards the Democrats.


During the 2016 presidential campaign, in a New Jersey Rally, Trump said that he loves Hindu.

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