Huawei in Trouble Again

Huawei in Trouble Again: Involvement in North Korea Network Exposed


As we all know the recent events concerning a major fight between Trump Administration and Huawei Technologies which is getting more out of control because of some recent developments.

It all started a few months back when President Donald Trump gave the statement that Huawei is secretly partnered with Chinese Army and intelligence services to get access to their customers inside the U.S and trying to grab confidential information from sensitive departments of the Government. After this statement, Trump also passed an executive order to ban all services to Huawei by U.S based suppliers and collaborators.

Now according to the reports by The Washington Post Huawei was helping North Korea secretly in developing their networks for the past eight years. This also means that they were also using U.S based equipment supplies to facilitate North Korea. This is not normal as any dealings with North Korea are strictly forbidden.

Sources are anonymous due to expected retaliation but The Washington Post is claiming strong evidence regarding the issue. Huawei Technologies has replied against the allegation in the words “No Business Presence”, which means that currently they are not working but it doesn’t justify the past.

If this news proves to be true then Huawei could go further deep into the trouble as they are already on the entity list of the U.S.

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