Huawei Will Survive Without Android

Huawei Will Survive Without Android But Is It The Best Case Scenario?


We all can relate to the current situation going on all over the news about Huawei and people are getting worried as so many among us own these phones. The recent feud between U.S and Huawei is in full swing.

It all started a few months back when President Donald Trump gave the statement that Huawei is secretly partnered with Chinese Army and intelligence services to get access to their customers inside the U.S and trying to grab confidential information from sensitive departments of the Government. After this statement, Trump also passed an executive order to ban all services to Huawei by U.S based suppliers and collaborators.

As per the requirement, Google was the first one to move and banned Huawei immediately from accessing their services. Huawei has also been suspended from Wi-Fi Alliance and SD Association. SD association set guidelines for SD Cards being used in smartphones and other devices. This is getting worse day by day for Huawei as many U.S based corporations are breaking ties with Huawei.

But amazingly people at Huawei are not worried at all. According to them they are planning to launch their own OS and won’t need android platform anymore. This news creates doubts in our minds as it happened with many corporations and no one survived. Windows Phones vanished from the market just because they were not able to provide applications like readily available at Android and Apple platforms. In such a short time they won’t be able to create a reasonable bank of applications and open source applications are not going to work in this case.

Android and iOS flourished with time and it normally takes years to improve an operating system. Most probably you are at the highest risk of failure when you are targeting the top tier of the tech industry. In such a short time it is most probably impossible. Maybe this case is possible but we don’t know this yet as we haven’t seen any visible results yet.

This thing worries Huawei device owners mostly as they don’t know what is going to happen and without a reasonable solution, they are never going to buy Huawei smartphones again. Last year ZTE faced the same fate as the U.S banned them and they just vanished from the market in no time. In case of Huawei, nothing is certain as the way they are retaliating no one ever did before and the amazing thing is that they are buckled up against the U.S which is one of the largest economies in the world.

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