Hussain praises Ihsanullah as “box office” player.

Hussain has praised Ihsanullah, referring to him as a “box office” player. The former England cricket captain had high admiration for Ihsanullah’s performance, calling him “absolutely” outstanding.
Hussain praised Ihsanullah for his remarkable performance in cricket. He specifically mentioned Ihsanullah’s impressive 150 kph bowling speed and his recognition as the player of the tournament in PSL season eight.

Hussain hailed Ihsanullah as a “box office” player with a bowling speed of 150 kph. He also acknowledged Ihsanullah’s recognition as the player of the tournament in PSL season eight. Hussain believes that Ihsanullah’s pace will greatly benefit Oval Invincibles.

Hussain also praised other notable Pakistan cricketers such as Babar Azam and Shaheen Afridi, calling them “complete box office” players. He further lauded Mohammad Rizwan, highlighting Pakistan’s overall strength in cricket.
Hussain concluded that Babar Azam is a great player in world cricket and Shaheen Afridi is a “complete box office” player. He also mentioned Mohammad Rizwan as another notable Pakistani cricketer.
Hussain’s comments were made in anticipation of The Hundred tournament, which is scheduled to start on July 21st. The tournament will showcase various international players from different countries.

This is published in logical baat, on 24 March, 2023.

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