Mickey-Arthur suicide

I wanted to commit suicide in previous week: Mickey Arthur exposed


Mickey Arthur surprised everyone about this news that all the players were very sad and upset on the day when they got defeated by Indian team.  “I did not know how to motivate the players at that moment. I was very much serious to do something with my life”

we all know, after that match Pakistani Nation and the senior players criticized the head coach as well as Sarfaraz Ahmed a lot.

Maybe it was the same performance that we saw in the last World Cup when Pakistan lost the crucial match against India.

Mickey Arthur also added, I was in very bad condition then I tried to speak with myself, this is one loss of match and we have to go forward, we have to move forward and we have to win other matches.” Media’s pressure is there; people want to see us winning the upcoming crucial matches especially against India.

He also told that many players did not get a full and peaceful sleep after losing the game in the world cup match.  He explained, whenever there is a time for a team to do or die then it is very much expected to see excellent performance.

These kind of words and feelings gave him some motivation and he tried to get up again.

Everyone was telling each other, just one win can motivate us again and if we win the next match then we will win all the remaining matches. No problem, if India comes in front we will repay the debt in the same world cup and we will bring the final trophy in our beloved country Pakistan.

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