“I will not say that I regret doing MPTH,” Adnan Siddiqui

During an interview, the actor cum producer Adnan Siddiqui has revealed that he doesn’t regret doing Mere Pass Tum Ho.

“I will not say that I regret doing MPTH,”

Recently, Khalil ur Rehman is under hot waters when during a talk show of Mere Pass Tum Ho he stated, “Aurat fitratan bewafa nahi hoti aur jo bewafa hoti hai wo fitratan aurat nahi hoti”.

The social media users are not sparing him for uttering such statements. Meanwhile, Adnan Siddiqui is also questioned about it.

To this question, he said, “I may not agree with it but that’s his point of view and he has the right to say it. One can agree or disagree.”

Moreover, he said that he didn’t regret doing to serial just because of the scriptwriter. He stated, “I will not say that I regret doing Mere Pass Tum Ho because of the writer’s stance. I can’t thank my Creator and fans enough for the respect and love I have gotten because of Shehwar. The last time people remembered me with the name of my character was in Uroosa (1994).”

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