ICC Admits Mistake in Pakistan vs South Africa World Cup Match’s DRS Decision

Fans and cricket experts are worried about the rules of the Decision Review System (DRS) after Pakistan lost to South Africa. This defeat might stop Pakistan from getting to the semifinals.

Many cricket experts are annoyed about the inconsistent umpiring and the rules. They say that if the DRS graphics show the ball hitting the stumps, it should be out, no matter what the on-field umpire initially said.

In the Pakistan vs. South Africa match, a DRS decision for South Africa got everyone talking. The replays suggested the ball just touched the leg stump, causing a big reaction online.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) admitted a mistake in the first DRS graphic. They said it was incomplete and wrong. They explained that during Rassie van der Dussen’s LBW review, they showed the wrong graphic at first but later showed the right one.

This isn’t the first time the DRS has been questioned. Before, decisions in favor of Australian players were changed. South Africa won a close match by just one wicket.

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