Afghan Taliban

If Pakistan Invites Then We will visit Pakistan; Afghan Taliban


Prime minister Imran Khan’s s visit to the USA has been very effective and historical as claimed by PTI officials. How much benefit can Paksitani enjoy? Coming days will disclose it. But an important announcement came from the land of the Taliban.

Donald Trump and Imran Khan gave much focus on the peace process in Afghanistan. Because the whole region will get disturbance if there is any instability in this country. Both leaders agreed to bring Taliban leaders on the table for discussion.

So, Aghan Taliban while talking to BBC told they man visit Pakistan if PM Imran Kahn sends us the invitation. So, I think its big achievement if the USA calls back all the army troops from the region.

Does USA Seeks For Face-Saving?

The USA also wants a kind of face-saving now, after many years war the world realized it’s not 100% practical to make Afghan people slave. They have many volunteers and man warriors who know nothing except guns and war.

This conversation between Taliban and BBC was conducted on the telephone. PM Imran Khan told US president that he will insist Afghan Taliban to start a dialogue with government officials.

Everyone knows Khan has power and capacity to lead the whole process which has been on deadlock most of the times.

Pak-US Trade Volume:

Please note another initiative from the USA government about giving green signal to enhance the trade volume between Pakistan & USA. Khan’ s stance was on this statement “No Aid, But Trade.” Pakistan has superb quality leather and textile products and traders in the USA import the products in million dollars each year. So, Pakistan’s `current year trade volume can reach up to 1-3 Billion US Dollar and that would mean a lot to uplift the economic crises.

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