If You Find Microplastic in Drinking Water, Then Don’t Worry a Lot: WHO


The world Health Organization confirmed the existence of micro plastic is not a serious threat at the moment but it needs further research for future.

It does not mean that such type of drinking water would always be free from any risk. But at this moment i.e 2019 we cannot consider micro plastic stuff as a killing element in the water. One thing is also important to know that the quantity of microplastic elements should also be considered.

In first report, the water in tap and bottles was under observation because normally we deal with these two types of water at homes and offices. This report was confirmed by Bruce Gordon who is World Health Organization’s official coordinator in water and sanitation department.

He also insisted that we should conduct further advanced level research to explore that impacts of microplastic on human health because the initial finding is not sufficient to declare it very dangerous for health.

The organization also insisted on the fact that the use of plastic in daily life is dangerous it is a major cause in pollution. We should try to reduce the quantity for plastics.

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