Iffat Omar testifies in court as a character witness for Meesha Shafi


Singer cum actor Ali Zafar has been accused by co-singer Meesha Shafi of sexual harassment allegations back in 2018. The later has filed a case in Lahore High Court against Ali Zafar.

The court hearings are going on and we have witnessed Meesha Shafi’s mother Saba Hameed’s statement in the court earlier. She appeared and gives her statement in favor of her daughter.

Recently, Iffat Omar appeared in the court and testifies as to the character witness for Meesha Shafi.

She has given her statement in the favor of Meesha saying, “It is very difficult for any woman to go public with something like this.”

She went on explaining that “I’m not supporting Meesha just because she’s my friend.”

She went on saying that before going public with the sexual allegations, Meesha was always seen distressed. She was upset and that was clearly reflected on her face.

She explained that both Saba Hameed and Meesha Shafi have a very good reputation in the entertainment industry. She declared that she can’t even think that they would lie to the public.

“I can never imagine that they would ever lie.”

Iffat Omar’s statement in favor of Meesha Shafi has been saved and the court has been adjourned till November 09, 2019.

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