Ignore Electric Cars | Now Electric Planes Can Fly 160 kilometers for Only $5


People are always fond of electric cars, but now with an ultra-light electrical airplane, which weighs 300 kilograms, called Pipistrel Alpha Electro, there is excitement.

It has the capacity to carry two passengers, can fly for 1-hour, whilst it has the ability to cover 160 kilometers.

This electric aircraft has an electric engine of 60 kilowatts. This plane is manufactured in Slovenia, whilst it was launched for the first time during 2016.

According to Business Insider, this Pipistrel Alpha Electro may fly at an hourly rate of $5.

It has an electric motor, whilst the 100-kilogram battery has a capacity of  21 kilowatts an hour. The battery can be recharged in approximately 1 hour.

Pipistrel Alpha Poland’s Krzysztof Bedkowski stated its electricity usage for an hour is about $4 to $6.

Until now, more or less forty planes like this were manufactured for clients throughout Europe, the USA, and Australia.

The lack of charging points at airports is the main issue with electric aircraft!


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