Imran alleges assassination plan, not arrest

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief and former premier Imran Khan on Tuesday penned another letter to Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Umar Atta Bandial claiming that “unknown” individuals were present at the Islamabad Judicial Complex to assassinate him.

Claim Letter:

Imran made the claim seeking permission to continue court appearances via video link due to security concerns.

“I have been consistently requesting for video link facility from courts for my multiple court appearances since I am now facing over 90 cases,” the PTI chief said, claiming that during court visits, he was provided with “no security” despite an “assassination plot already attempted against my [Imran’s] life”.

During his recent court appearance in Islamabad, someone allegedly surrounded the convoy of the former Prime Minister with containers to block his arrival at the Judicial Complex and before the Magistrate.

He claimed that someone deliberately did this to create a false situation of non-appearance.

Imran claimed that the police and Rangers deployed at the premises provoked his supporters, who had gathered to express their solidarity, and resorted to tear gas shelling, baton charge, and stone pelting against unarmed citizens and PTI leadership.

He said that the police attacked the workers around his car without any provocation when he was halfway through the gate of the complex. He stressed that at this point he realized that something was amiss and that someone was not planning for his arrest, but for his assassination.

PTI Chief:

Imran claimed that someone allowed about 20 or more unidentified people, who were not in uniform and had no identity displayed, to enter the complex while their lawyers were prevented from entering and were beaten back from the door. He said that this led credence to the belief that they were clearly there to assassinate Imran.

The PTI chief also drew the attention of the CJP to the unprecedented “assault” on his Zaman Park residence while he was in Islamabad. He maintained that someone had committed the assault “in complete violation of the orders passed by the Honourable Lahore High Court (LHC)

“My wife, a very private, non-political person was alone in the house at the time with a couple of domestic staff,” he said while accusing the police of “illegal entry” by “breaking” the gate to his residence and “violating the Islamic principle of sanctity of ‘chadar and chardiwari’ [viel and home]”.

Under the circumstances, Imran sought relief from the CJP from court appearances and requested him the launch an investigation into the aforementioned events.

It may be noted that an application seeking similar relaxations is pending with the LHC.

“On Monday, the court instructed the PTI counsel to visit Imran’s residence in Zaman Park and confirm the police deployment to ensure his security. They have scheduled the court to resume hearing the case today.

Published on Logical Baat, March 21, 2023.

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