Imran claims Zardari behind new plot to assassinate him

Imran Khan, the leader of the PTI, asserted on Friday that Asif Ali Zardari, the former president and co-chairman of the PPP, was behind a fresh assassination attempt on him for which the latter had “provided money to a terrorist organisation.”
The former premier claimed that as soon as he was removed from office, plans would be made to kill him.
I had previously revealed to my followers in a public rally that I was being targeted by four persons, but they backtracked after I made these statements.

Imran went on to say that after the attempt on his life in Wazirabad, “plan B” was developed to “remove” him in the name of religion. However, I learned about that as well, and I revealed their scheme at two public rallies.

He claimed that the perpetrators of the Wazirabad attack came dangerously close to achieving their goals but that “God saved him” instead.

“Now they’ve developed Plan C, and Zardari is in charge of it. He has unrestricted access to corrupt funds, and he uses the money he embezzles from the Sindh government to buy MPAs and influence elections everywhere, whether in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa or Gilgit-Baltistan.
“He donated this money to a terrorist organisation. His facilitators are well-known figures in the organisations. The decision was made by three parties, and the subsequent crime was prepared for execution, according to Imran.

Regardless of what was planned, the PTI chairman continued, he would return to the streets as soon as possible.

He was able to heal from the wounds he had received in the Wazirabad attack.

However, “my nation should know who was behind it, so that my nation never forgives them,” if something bad occurs to me.

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