Imran Khan fears arrest, says tweet ‘may be his last’


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan said on Wednesday he feared he could be re-arrested as the police had surrounded his Zaman Park residence, describing his tweet as “probably” his last one before his “possible arrest”.

“Probably my last tweet before my next arrest. Police has surrounded my house,” Imran wrote. He also shared a video clip in which police in riot gear, as well as police vehicles moving on road, which Imran said, was outside his Zaman Park residence.

Earlier, in his address to the supporters via a video link from his residence, the PTI chairman urged the establishment not to escalate the situation, as it would not serve “any good to anyone”.

Imran said that there was still time for talks to find a solution to the ongoing political crisis, but stressed that the solution would out only from the fresh elections.

He reiterated the need for an independent investigation to uncover the miscreant responsible for the violent and arson incidents, referring to the attacks on government buildings, including sensitive installations following his arrest on May 9.

PTI Chief Imran Khan Highlighted:

Imran Khan highlighted that in 1970, one of the most transparent elections held, but “we did not accept the mandate of the most popular political leader of [former] East Pakistan, Sheikh Mujeebur Rehman.” He added that this resulted in the country falling apart.

In the same fashion being witnessed in the country today, force used against the Awami League, the biggest political party of East Pakistan, in 1971, as stated by the PTI chairman.

The former prime minister said that the ruling Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) was trying to bring the country’s biggest political party, the PTI, and the army in front of each other just to save the corruption of its leaders.

He expressed his lament over the “illegal arrests and abductions” of his party’s leaders and workers on the pretext of the May 9 riots. He state that more than 7,500 PTI workers and supporters, along with senior leadership, have arrested without a fair investigation of the incidents.

Contrary to religious teachings and cultural traditions, perpetrators were abducting and torturing women and children.

Corrupt rulers were subjecting women to very humiliating and inhuman treatment just to protect their loot, he asserted.

Imran expressed his fear that this situation would lead the country to where it would be difficult to gather the piece. “If we do no show restraint and think wisely, the situation will be out of everyone’s control,” he warned.

Despite knowing the fact that the PTI was the biggest and most popular political party of the country, attempts have made for the past year to keep Imran Khan out of politics, he continued.

Case in Supreme Court:

“No matter if they have to break the Constitution or violate the Supreme Court’s orders; they do not want to hold elections just to keep Imran Khan out of the politics,” the PTI chairman added.

Imran highlighted that the PDM had decided not to hold elections in fear of defeat. The PDM was also threatening that if Imran Khan came into power, he would remove the army chief.

“When I was the prime minister, I had reports that the then army chief was hatching conspiracy against me. I did not interfere into institutional affairs because I did not want to weaken the institution. I have conveyed the same to army on numerous occasions.”

Imran further said that he was the only Pakistani, who always defended the Pakistan Army. “I support my army because I believe that [otherwise] Pakistan’s fate would not be different from those Muslim states, which had weak armies, like Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.”

Responding to the government’s allegation that some 40 terrorists were hiding in Zaman Park, he said if there were 40 terrorists here then his life was also in danger. “Please do come here, but in a civilised manner and do not attempt to storm my residence,” he said.

“If the police come with a search warrant to carry out an operation at his residence”, he added, he would cooperate. However, he believed that the government was creating a ground to attack his residence.

Published in the Logical Baat, May 18, 2023.

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