Ehsaas aur Kifalat

PM Imran Khan to launch Ghurbat Mitao Programme titled under ‘Ehsaas aur Kifalat’


Imran Khan Ghurbat Mitao Programme
Islamabad: Pm Imran Khan is on his mission of making Pakistan as one of the progressed states of the world. He has been making policies and taking steps towards the prosperity of the country. On 27th March, Imran Khan has launched ‘Ghurbat Mitao Programme’ across the country that will be aiming at providing aid and other financial benefits to the poor.

An amount of Rs 120 billion has been earmarked for the initiative conceived by the government. The government’s new poverty alleviation programme is titled under ‘Ehsaas aur Kifalat’. According to PM Khan, this is the first major step by govt. towards eliminating poverty.
While addressing in the meeting, he stated, “The care for people is the utmost priority of the government. We will mobilize all resources to alleviate poverty.”
Khan had said the government was preparing for a comprehensive programme that would not only help in catering the basic necessities of the poor people of the country temporarily but also play a key role to bring them out of poverty clutches for the rest of their lives.
According to the Pakistan premier, Pakistan should follow the example of China how they worked to eliminate poverty from their country. Pakistanis are also requested to take steps in poverty alleviation.
People from all the corners of Pakistan are lauding Imran Khan for his leadership skills.

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