Imran Khan humbleness

Imran Khan once again has shown off his humbleness


Ever since Pm Imran Khan has taken the responsibility as our Prime Minister, our country has found its direction. We have started earning a name for our very own country. Pakistan is being discussed and praised on account of the decisions and wise steps taken by our Pm Imran khan.

PM Imran Khan’s decision of sending Indian Wing Commander Abhinandan back his home has won the hearts all over the world. People are admiring Imran khan’s leadership qualities and his stance over peace and prosperity has is an essential ingredient in the solemnity of a country.

Imran Khan’s recent initiative over not worthy of Nobel Prize has made him an eternal star in our eyes. He has proclaimed that he is not worthy of Nobel Peace Prize. The person who would solve the Kashmir dispute will be the one deserving Nobel Prize. By voicing such sentiments about the troubles and problems faces by Kashmiris, Imran Khan has already won Nobel Prize in our eyes.

Imran Khan PTI

Our great PM Imran Khan wrote on his tweeter account,
“I am not worth of the Nobel Peace Prize. The person worthy of this (Nobel Peace Prize) would be the one who solves the Kashmir dispute according to the wishes of the Kashmiri people and paves way for peace & human development in the subcontinent.”

Here we have Wasim Akram hailing Imran Khan’s leadership in these words,

Pakistan’s leading actress Mahira Khan also couldn’t stop herself for uttering best of Imran Khan,

Not only speaking about it I have something more to discuss with you people. A piece on Imran Khan’s best leadership qualities been written by a British analyst. The piece states Imran Khan as the best leaders of Pakistan after our great Quaid-e-Azam.

Imran Khan smile

In Sha Allah, Pakistan will emerge as a prosperous state under his rein.

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