removal of Fayyaz Chohan

Imran Khan’s other sagacious decision – The removal of Fayyaz Chohan from Ministry


As it is all the way trending on social media that Fayyaz Chohan has trivialized the worth of the Hindu community in Pakistan. The devaluation of Hindus by Fayyaz Chohan has caused him much trouble as he is going to face the consequences of his statements against Hindus.

Pm Imran Khan’s stance over this, is nevertheless, cheered by the Pakistani Hindus, as he has ordered the removal of Fayyaz-ul-Hassan from Ministry.

The immediate response from PM Imran khan is lauded all over the country. Dr. Rameesh Kumar, who is a Pakistan Hindu Council, has elucidated his viewpoint on Imran Khan’s prompt action on Wednesday. Speaking on Geo News Channel, the PTI MNA said, “The party was under a lot of pressure to take appropriate action against Fayyaz Chohan’s hateful comments hurting the sentiments of the Hindu community.”
He declared that “As a representative and chief of the Pakistan Hindu Council and on behalf of the entire Hindu community, I welcome and commend Prime Minister Imran Khan and the party’s senior leadership for handling the matter accordingly.”
He further stressed upon the fact that any hateful speech against any religion would not be tolerated and acted upon seriously as is done in this case. According to him the removal of Fayyaz Hussain is not enough, people should get themselves ware of the fact that belittling someone or a specific religion is an offense that they have no right to commit. Strict action should be taken against those.
He added, “Moreover, I have always said that politicians should refrain from making statements pertaining to religion if they do not have enough knowledge about it. Such statements from ministers deter the overall image of the party as they are reflective of the party’s ideology.”

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