In Conversation with Asad Siddiqui on “Surkh Chandni”


Asad Siddiqui is an acclaimed Pakistani actor. He has always been appreciated for delivering such excellent performances whether as the protagonist or antagonist.

Yes, the superstar has been essaying the role of an antagonist in currently going on drama serial “Surkh Chandni” along with the stunning Sohai Ali Abro and Osman Khalid Butt.

The character of Jawad is really intense and mad. He wants power and control. He wanted to get what he wants. And when something went out of his control he becomes furious and destroyed it. That’s what he has done with Aida who has rejected his proposal.

Asad Siddiqui has his recent interview with “Something Haute”. During the interview, he has shared details about his character as Jawad in “Surkh Chandni”. He shared why he has opted negative role for the second time.

“I was very hesitant when Sana Shahnawaz offered this role to me. I was playing Junaid in Balaa who was a drunkard and I didn’t want to step into another negative role right after that. However, when Sana told me that Shahid Shafaat is directing it, I decided to meet them and discuss the project and it certainly paid off. We spoke at length about the character and developed it together and then I signed it.”

“Jawad turned out to be a blessing in disguise for me,” he stated.

It is pertinent to note that Jawad has been portrayed as a good looking man. He looks handsome but deep inside he knew that he is full of evil. From acid attack to murdering Mukhtar, he crosses all the limits to fulfill his pursuits.

He also revealed the dreadful end of Jawad by the very end of the serial. He explained that Jawad will not have any concession and will bear the brunt of all of his wrong deeds.

“Jawad will never apologize; he is not the kind of man who will go down easily. The guy has some sort of God-complex as he wants to have authority and power in every matter. But we know that a bad deed ends in bad results so he too will face the music,” he asserted.

He also shared that from now onwards he will take a break from essaying the negative characters.

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