In conversation with Asim Raza on “Parey Hut Love”


Asim Raza the director of “Parey Hut Love” has already provided the audience with a lot of romance, action, and love from the trailer of his upcoming film “Parey Hut Love”.

The film is getting popular among the masses even before its release.

Recently, Asim Raza has his interview with the BBC Network where he has been asked questions about “Parey Hut Love”.

Haroon Rashid from BBC Network stated, “Everyone is noticing how lavish the film is looking and the vision that you have, the cinematography, the sets, the costumes, the attention to detail, all of it is amazing. We look at Sanjay Leela Bhansali and his kind of scale and we look at Zoya Akhtar and we see her essences and Asim you have developed your own distinct style with just two films.”

After getting so much applause by him, Asim mentioned that “I’m so happy that you’re saying which nobody said. Just like these big names you took, I am also trying to develop my own style. The problem is when you’re starting new or you’re just two or three films old, people do not try to focus on what are the similarities in your own work; they just keep trying to compare you to other people and say ‘oh you’re following this one’ or ‘copying that one’.”

They also discussed Pakistani films scenes which have been coming since ages. He said that “What they’re (directors) trying to do is get inspired and that’s done but within that, you have your own flavor.”

When asked about the music, Asim replied in these words, and particularly about the sing “Ik Pal”,

“I was very conscious to give that title. Meaning behind the song or a moment in the film because every song is supposed to tell the story as well; its part of the narrative as well. So it should move with the narrative.”

Asim Raza further stated about “Ik Pal”,

“‘Ik Pal’ is one moment in your life that sometimes changes your life so that’s one moment in the film; it could be love at first sight, that moment, or for that matter any moment in the film. This was the moment in the film; it needed to be like a dream.”

During the interview, Asim also spoke about the dream, how it should be the dream of every youngster.

“It needed to be grand, lush and colorful,” Asim added.

Here’s his complete interview, you can watch as well,

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