In conversation with Hira Tareen


Model turned actress and also a brilliant You Tuber Hira Tareen is winning the hearts of millions of her fans with her recently concluded drama serial “Khaas”. In the drama serial, she essayed the role of self-obsessed woman, Salma. She has left her first husband and was unable to manage a settled life with her second husband.

However, the starlet has brilliantly carried the role of a fierce, blunt and confident woman.

Piya Naam Ka Diya

Moreover, Hira Tareen played a similar role in “Piya Naam Ka Diya” one of the hit drama serials that aired on Geo TV. In this serial, she has been shown as a headstrong working woman. Being a single mother, she faced a lot of difficulties in raising her children.

Hira Tareen

During an interview, Hira revealed how society gets cold towards divorced women. It is very important for all of us to break these stereotypes.

Hira stated that “Divorced women are indeed stereotyped, in traditional and conservative societies across the world, as selfish if they chose to leave or are considered failures and sometimes crazy because they weren’t able to make their marriages work. I think the burden to make marriages work mostly falls on women and rid the man of any responsibility to compromise in the marriage because of the notion that a man will be a man. The truth is that men and women both suffer during and after a divorce financially, socially and even domestically. That said, there are many more women today who are not made to feel like outcasts in society after divorces, and sure it might be a tough road but it isn’t the end of the world for them.”

Moreover, she was asked a question regarding the moral lesson from her both characters. In reply to this question, Hira explained that,


“I think both the characters, Roshaney from “Piya Naam Ka Diya” and Salma from “Khaas”, are somewhat new portrayals of divorced women in our society who are not loathing in the tragedy of their past. Sure they must have gone through their fair share of trials and tribulations during the process of separation but they have moved on and haven’t completely shattered in the process. Another thing that these characters are conveying is the choice that women have to end unhealthy, unhappy and hopeless marriages.”

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