In conversation with Nazish Jahangir


Nazish Jahangir has joined the Pakistan entertainment industry back in 2017. Her roles in various drama serials have earned her a lot of love and appreciation from the masses.

In conversation with Nazish Jahangir

Nazish Jahangir has a lot of hit drama serials to her credit including Alif Allah Aur Insaan, Tohmat, Bharosa, Thays, Kamzarf and the recently concluded Mere Mohsin.

Her acting skills could be seen effectively in an ongoing drama serial “Kahin Deep Jaley” in which she is essaying the role of a jealous woman who doesn’t want any good for her relations. The serial is starring Ali Abbas, Imran Ashraf and Neelam Muneer in pivotal roles.

Personal as well as Professional Life

During a recent interview, Nazish revealed much about her personal as well as professional life. She shared which projects are in line for her and what she is up to this year.

While sharing her personal experience with television, she said, “My journey has been great so far; my fans appreciate me every time I appear on TV. Even when I am playing a negative character (Kahin Deep Jaley), I get so much love.”

“I think it’s ‘always’ in your hands how you carry yourself in the industry. I hear a lot of stories from people that they face casting couch and harassment at the beginning of their careers but fortunately, things have been very smooth for me. I did an Anwar Maqsood theatre play and I started receiving calls from TV immediately. There have been some ups and downs but again this is what life is all about; the journey taught me a lot of things. The industry has been kind and they have accepted me with open arms. I am hopeful and very positive about the future.”

Kahin Deep Jalay

While discussing details about her negative character in Kahin Deep Jalay, she furthered, “I even like negative characters like the one (Shamila) I am playing in Kahin Deep Jaley. I was a bit apprehensive to play Shamila at first because it is grey in nature. The feedback has been great and I think women can relate to her as well. The reason I agreed to play Shamila was that she knows what she wants and how she can get it. She is a modern-day girl; she is beautiful, she is clever but Shamila also has a powerful message to convey. It’s actually a story about kids who are neglected in their childhood and the impact it has on them.”

She is actually right while saying this. Our childhood determines much about our future. The ones who have been neglected and not loved in their childhood leave an everlasting impact on the society.

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