In conversation with Shaan Shahid

In conversation with Shaan Shahid


That one legendary actor in our entertainment industry, Shaan Shahid has a lot of important things to discuss with us. In connection with his upcoming film ‘Zarrar’, Shaan Shahid has some useful information to discuss.

In conversation with Shaan Shahid

During an interview, she revealed how he has convinced himself to opt for a role that is completely opposite of his interests. He also shared that he is always interested in doing action stunts. However, with the latest upcoming film, it was also necessary to show how real threats can build the best super heroes.

Mission Impossible

He explained, “In an action film, or any film for that matter, the character is very important. Coming out of Mission Impossible, you don’t remember the script but you remember the character. And establishing it is important because this isn’t a single film script, its six films and this is the first one. We wanted to move out of the regular action genre towards a spy thriller and bring to the fore the people who deal with the very real security threats to the country.”

Shaan Shahid also explained why he believed that action is more important than words. He said, “When I can verbally express I’m in pain once and then establish it by emoting rather than repeatedly saying the same thing over and over again, then why be needlessly wordy? When a character can convey the feeling and sentiments just through their body language and expression then why delve into long dialogues that are meant to drive home the same sensibility?”

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