In its first developer conference, OpenAI will create more powerful and affordable models.

OpenAI is spending a lot of money on it. GPT-4, the most recent language-writing model developed by OpenAI, has enhanced ChatGPT. Users of ChatGPT that pay for access can utilize GPT-4, which is more natural and fluid in writing than the ChatGPT model. GPT-4 is available for free via Microsoft’s Bing Chat and can be accessed using the web browsers Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Safari.

Recently, OpenAI linked ChatGPT to the internet for all users in addition to GPT-4. Additionally, users can create text prompts and graphics directly within ChatGPT thanks to the integration of DALL-E 3.

The goal of these changes is to incentivize businesses to leverage OpenAI’s technology to develop AI-driven chatbots and autonomous agents that can carry out activities without the need for human participation. One of Altman’s primary strategic goals is to make OpenAI useful for other businesses developing applications, according to people familiar with his thinking.

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