In Sharjah, the First-Ever Commercial-Scale Plant for Converting Waste to Hydrogen

Beeah, based in Sharjah, has entered into a partnership with Chinook Hydrogen and Air Water Gas Solutions to pioneer the development of the world’s inaugural commercial-scale waste-to-hydrogen plant in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

This collaboration, established through a joint development agreement (JDA), stems from the success of Beeah’s earlier waste-to-hydrogen demonstration plant. The demonstration facility effectively converts organic-based waste into environmentally friendly green hydrogen.

The demonstration plant leverages Chinook Hydrogen’s RODECS pyrolysis technology and Air Water Gas Solutions’ state-of-the-art hydrogen refinement technology.

The establishment of this waste-to-hydrogen plant is in harmony with the UAE’s Net-Zero by 2050 Pathway and the National Hydrogen Strategy 2050.

Beeah’s overarching goal is to achieve complete diversion of landfill waste in Sharjah, aligning with its commitment to sustainable initiatives.

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