Incredible 951 Days: Babar Azam Dominated as the Top ODI Batsman!

After an impressive reign of 951 days, Babar Azam, previously the top ODI batsman, has been overtaken in the latest MRF Tyres ICC Men’s Batting Rankings by India’s Shubman Gill. This change marks a significant shift in the cricketing world.

Shubman Gill’s rise to the top position is due to his exceptional performance at the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup. His consistent batting, including a standout 92 against Sri Lanka and 23 against South Africa in the past week, led to a total of 219 runs across six innings during the tournament. This remarkable showing places Gill as the fourth Indian player to achieve the coveted No.1 ODI batting rank, following in the footsteps of cricketing icons like Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni, and Virat Kohli.

In contrast, despite Babar Azam’s accumulation of 282 runs in eight World Cup innings, he now trails Gill by six rating points. This change in rankings signifies the conclusion of Babar’s more than two-year reign as the top ODI batsman.

Gill’s impressive ascent and Babar’s shift in ranking highlight the dynamic and competitive nature of international cricket, showcasing how emerging talents can swiftly climb to the highest levels of the sport.

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