India Allegedly Changed Semi-Final World Cup pitch Against New Zealand.

Controversy surrounds India’s reported decision to change the pitch for the first semi-final match against New Zealand at the Wankhede Stadium in the T20 World Cup, allegedly without seeking permission from the International Cricket Council (ICC).

Originally, pitch seven, meant to be pristine and unused in the tournament, was chosen, but it was later replaced with pitch six, which had already hosted two matches. Andy Atkinson, the ICC’s pitch consultant, was supposedly informed of an unspecified issue with pitch seven.

This unforeseen alteration has sparked concerns, especially regarding the potential manipulation of pitch conditions for the upcoming final at Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. In an email to his superiors, Atkinson voiced reservations about the fairness of the pitch chosen for the final.

The maneuver has fueled speculation and discussions about the fairness and transparency of the pitch selection process for the eagerly awaited World Cup final. While cricket enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the ultimate showdown, the controversy underscores the importance of upholding integrity and adhering to established protocols in international cricket tournaments.

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