India has started playing dirty politics once again after denying Pakistan’s share of water


Three Eastern rivers Ravi, Sutluj and Beas supply water to the Pakistani land. However, it seemed that Indian authorities are once again playing their dirty politics over the water dispute.

As per the reports, India to stop water supply of the rivers Ravi, Sutluj, and Beas.

Nitin Gadkari, India’s Union Minister has declared it earlier that water should not be supplied to the Pakistani land until Islamabad ‘does not stop supporting terrorist groups.’

The Indian Government is vocalizing its opinion on Imran Khan’s connections to the terrorist groups in the past. Keeping it at the front, the Indian authorities are now creating problems in the supply of water.

The only logical connection we can witness is Indian masses’ reaction to the Data Darbar blast on Wednesday.India playing dirty politics

The reactions of the Indian public are seriously hard to believe. Here are the tweets,

This is really disgusting on the part of Indian civilians.

According to Nitin Gadkari, the Indus River Treaty between the two countries which was signed in 1960 was out of love and friendship between the two. However, there is no friendship anymore between Pakistan and India so there is no treaty now. Disgusting!

We can only hope that this dirty politics of Indian Government would soon come to an end.

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