India is again planning a terrorist attack in Pakistan

India is again planning a terrorist attack in Pakistan


On Monday, the sources revealed that India has once again planned to attack Pakistan. A missile attack is being expected as per the intelligence report.

Sources also said that not only India but Israel are also in this conspiracy against Pakistan. Both countries want to target Pakistan. However, Pakistan has foiled their efforts.
Pakistan has already alarmed the Indian Forces for if they will step in our territory to harm us then they will have to suffer. They will respond befittingly. So, it’s better not to some stupid stuff like this.

Earlier, India’s two fighter jets were crashed down by Pakistani pilots. The intelligent report further declared that they have already informed the neighboring friendly countries for their support as Pakistan is the target. The report has made it clear that Pakistan wants peace.

The sources have made it sure that it is impossible for Indian Air Force to enter into Pakistan’s airspace, however, if they will still plan for a missile attack then Pakistan will have to retaliate again. The looming fear of war is yet not overcome.

A lack of conversation between both countries is another big problem. The said issue can be solved if there is a proper conversation between the authorities.

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