India Should Respect the Special Status of Kashmir: European Union


In the occupied Kashmir the situation is still very sensitive. People are not allowed to come out of their homes even to perform their routine life’s works. India should start the dialogue with Pakistan and resolve the issue.

India should issue the order for the special status of Kashmir, the European parliament agreed on this point. The United Nation and Amnesty is not happy with the treatment of Indian authorities in the occupied Kashmir.

It is true, the communication means are not active in Kashmir region. People cannot connect with the world; they cannot send their messages to their dear ones. We cannot know the news about Kashmir easily.

What is going on in Kashmir currently? We also observed that use of drones in the region which is totally against the human values. Remember that India cannot digest the popularity of Pak army especially, the DG ISP posters on the walls and streets of the Kashmir.

Kashmiris cannot get the required medicines; they are not living a normal life. They have no food. Kids are suffering from different diseases.

Indian police men and army men can be seen in every Street to stop and harass the women. Indian security men have decided to rape the Kashmiri women. However, DG ISPR major general Asif Ghafoor clearly gave a message to India that we will fight till the last bullet and Soldier.

We cannot get any kind of pressure from India, we will fight for the freedom, we will fight for Kashmir, we will fight for the rights of people who are living like animals in the Kashmir region. India will have to answer for each of their brutal act.

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