Sushma swaraj India takes U-Turn

India takes U-Turn – Doesn’t want further escalation


Sushma Swaraj who is an Indian Minister of External Affairs, currently in Wuzhen, China, has spoken about not having further escalation about the current tensions between Pakistan and India. She said that India wants to avoid “further escalation of the situation and will continue to act with responsibility and restraint”.
While she also justifies the air strikes that Indian Air Force made in Balakot, Pakistan. She has spoken about the “grief and anger” experienced by the Indian civilians after they have been attacked in Pulwama. In a suicide bomber, 40 of their soldiers were deceased. Indeed India has to suffer a heavy loss. While attending the RIC foreign minister’s meeting in China, she asserted that, “no military installations were targeted in the air strike.” The target was selected without victimizing the civilians. “I am visiting China at a time when there is grief and anger in India. It is the worst terrorist attack directed against our security forces in Jammu and Kashmir.” She said in her opening remarks at the meeting.
She claimed that, “In the light of continuing refusal of Pakistan to acknowledge and act against terror groups on its territory, and based on credible information that JeM (Jaish-e-Mohammad) was planning other attacks in parts of India, the government of India decided to take pre-emptive action and the target was selected in order to avoid civilian casualties”.
—Doesn’t want further escalation

Sushma swaraj

She goes on saying that, “The limited objective of the pre-emptive strike was to act decisively against the terrorist infrastructure of the JeM in order to pre-empt another terrorist attack in India.

And then finally her U-Turn statement goes like this, “India does not wish to see further escalation of the situation. India will continue to act with responsibility and restraint.”

Meanwhile, the Indian government has also handed over to Pakistan a dossier which mainly aims at observing details about Jaish-e-Mohammed’s role in the Pulwama attack that had killed 40 Indian soldiers on February 14.

Syed Haider Shah, Pakistan High Commissioner, was summoned by the Ministry of External Affairs earlier in the day where he was lodged by a strong protest against the crossing of LoC by Pakistani jets on February 27.

India also claimed that Pakistan’s retaliating act was in contrast with India’s non-military airstrikes on Balakot. India also demands their Wing Commander Abhinandan’s safety and security during his custody.

Well, candidly speaking, it is going to be the biggest U-TURN in the history of the world.

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