India Vs Pakistan, Germany Surprised the world with These words


Kashmir is bleeding and people of this region are losing their lives, properties and respect every day. Girls are raped by RSS people and Indian army. No one is there to stop the brutality of the security persons. Pakistan has highlighted the Kashmir issue with full power in the last few days. Now as a result, many international powers are also raising their voices in a careful way.

However, Germany issued statement that the people of Kashmir should be given opportunities to exercise their rights. The Muslim majority areas have some obligations which Indian Government should follow. German government also insisted the Indian’s officials to respect the rights of people who deserve legal protection in the eyes of law.

The representative of German government Maria also asked the Indian government to start dialogue with Kashmiri leadership. Now, the nations started to discuss about the bad treatment with humanity in Kashmir. Women’s respect is being raped and Indian’s idiots feels proud over such deeds.

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