Indian Intrusion into Pakistan

Indian Intrusion into Pakistan is officially condemned by OIC


OIC, The Organization of Islamic Cooperation has strongly condemned the Indian intrusion into the Pakistan territory. The aerial violation of Pakistan airspace by Indian Air Force is such an imprudent act.
While India violates the Line of Control between Pakistan and India, the General Secretariat of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation has condemned this action on the part of India, in a statement on Twitter by declaring it against an OIC founding member state.

Indian Air Force, in their haste, has forgotten the rules that every country has to follow regarding national security. Such an idiotic act!
Keeping in mind the following situation, the OIC has called upon the leaders of both parties and advised them to act wisely and responsibly as it is a matter of two states. The use of force resulted in destruction and nothing else. Both parties have been informed to solve the growing crisis mutually through peaceful means. Use of dialogues is to be prioritized instead of using nuclear power.
Both countries should avoid harmful steps to be taken to solve the said issue. OIC has urged both India and Pakistan to exercise restraint.
War is not the solution. Good sense should prevail.

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