Indian Politics Memes Are Really Stupid


As you see in above picture its very clear that idiots can be found anywhere. These actors are trying to make their nation “fool” as usual. But they don’t know the reality is different. Nandan’s arrest have made them crazy that’s why these actors are making movies for their own satisfaction. The truth is they can’t beat Pakistan in reality so in Bollywood movies they can.

100% correct and hey, you can laugh a lot. How much you want to laugh? Its up to you because idiots are a lot in India, Modi Sarkar really deserves a noble Prize for being elected in top idiots of 2019. Well written mem for Indian Politics.

These funny memes are really closer to reality because what Modi is doing in these days, never been done by any other Indian leader. He is trying to be like a King but he does not know he looks fit in his home mirror only. He never asked others, about it otherwise he would have got satisfactory feedback. Now, its better we vote for Mr. Fool 2019 competition and there Modi and his followers can take part free of cost.

Shahrukh Khan is Trying to Make his people fool:

Yes, free entry for the people of Modi’s cabinet who still consider him the best leader in India. Another, Khan of Bollywood industry is making Netflix series with his wife Gori Khan and its totally against the Pakistan.

We assume, someone have told them, “You can give big defeat to Pakistan but in movies only”. I think that’s why they are trying to show their power in their movies. Otherwise their spy character is also idiot because its based on 100% fake agenda. And same has been confirmed by DG ISPR Major Asif Ghafoor as well.     Read it here and you would know what kind of insult Mr. Khan got from our army officials. Very sad to know about Khan’s action and yeah it could be the counter strategy of Shahrukh Khan after his 5 movies got flopped badly.

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