Indian Supreme Court Issued notices to Modi Sarkar on petitions for Article 370


Indian supreme court accepted the petitions regarding the Article 370 matter. Modi government breached the rights of Kashmiris. 5 judges bench of supreme court will lead the proceeding. Supreme court of India also sent notices to Indian federal government as they were involved in the abrogation of the special status of Kashmir.

The petitions challenged the Modi government’s decision to revoke article 370. Majority of Muslims and Kahmiris are in a view that they must carry on legal procedures to defend their basic or fundamental rights.

After 5th Aug 2019, Indian government put heavy restrictions in the valley. They arrested vital freedom leaders from Kashmir movement. Modi Sarkar also sent uncounted troops of military personnel in the disputed area. They are trying to show that Kashmir is a part of Indian land and only Indian government can decide its future. But UN chief also issues statement on the conditions of Kashmir. He added that the unlawful acts, and breach of people’s rights cannot be ignored. It’s a serious matter.

The opposition leaders in India also condemn on the illegal decisions. But this time people of the occupied Kashmir need solutions. And Imran Khan has also announced that he will be the Ambassador of Kashmir in whole world. He will raise the voice in the favor of Kashmiris in UNGA (United Nation General Assembly).

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