Instagram Launching AI Features

Instagram Launching AI based Features to Stop Cyber Bullying


Bullying is a very serious and common issue these days which is increasing with time in schools and social gatherings. Bullying leaves long-lasting and disturbing effects whenever it is attempted in any social circle. This act is condemnable and should always be discouraged by every individual. Currently, this increasing trend mostly exists in social media where people bully others in different ways due to several reasons. According to experts, it is the worst kind of bullying because it doesn’t require a social meetup and provides a bully, free chance to do their evil talks easily.

Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms with almost more than 1 billion users. It is popular for its photos and sharing feature, which gives a reliable source of connectivity to millions of users in just one click. Unfortunately, bullying lies all over the platform and gives distress to our youth. So they came up with two new features with the help of artificial intelligence to fight against bullying. These features help in different ways to stop a bully from any such activities.

The first feature automatically recognizes if someone posts inappropriate or offensive comments. In case someone will try to post such content then the system will ask the user once again if he/she is still willing to proceed. The system uses reflect method to make users realize and think again before posting anything bad.

The second feature is called restrict which is even more effective while making efforts to stop bullying. Normally, we see that if we block someone due to continuous bullying then it sometimes further makes it worse in social networking. But by this method, a user can restrict the bully by which the comments of the other person will be invisible to everyone except him/her without even any realization. It also restricts the other person from access to the visibility of your online status and the direct message read status. As they don’t know that they are being restricted so ultimately won’t be able to take countermeasures against it.

These features are coming soon in the upcoming update and hope will help in minimizing bullying on social media platforms.

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