Interesting Facts about Aromatherapy

Interesting Facts about Aromatherapy How to cure illness?


Aromatherapy is a form of complementary medicine. It was used by the Ancient Chinese and the Egyptians. There’s even mention of it in the Bible!

Aromatherapy involves using essential oils on the skin, in baths, in burners or even at times internally, to prevent and cure illness and to encourage a wide range of therapeutic effects.

In Pakistan, we see number of treatments that come from China. It involves many reasons especially, the ancient history of Chinese medicines and way of treatments.

Essentials oils to get rid of depression

The therapy gets its name from the benefit contained in the smell of the oil. The smell of essential oils has indeed been beneficial in cases of depression, but more emphasis is laid on the effects of penetration of oil through the skin.

Aromatherapists always take a full case history before choosing oils appropriate to their patient.

Treatment may take the form of inhalation, where a few drops are put into a bowl of boiling water and the healing vapours are inhaled, but more often the oil is diluted and massaged into the area indicated by the problem.

Some kinds of essential oils used in Aromatherapy are:

  1. Geranium Green floral scent, originally found in North Africa invigorating used in the bath, anti-inflammatory.
  2. Lavender Flowery, clinging scent, the plant comes from the Canary Isles and the Mediterranean coast, soothing, relaxing, promotes healing of burns.
  3. Tangerine Light, fresh aroma with energising qualities. Excellent skin care properties.

Food Items Exist in our Kitchen often:

Lemongrass Lemony aroma from the grass grown in Brazil, the Far East, and Africa, external antiseptic, decreases perspiration and relieves migraine.

Give essential oils a try yourself, in an oil burner, mixed with hot water to set off the oil.

Use a metal burner, as the porcelain ones allow the mixture to seep through and ‘burn’ in the flame, which doesn’t smell so good! These essential methods are important to know because at home we often face health issues. But many food items are always present at our Kitchen, if we know about their uses then treatments of different health issues could be cured easily.

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