iPhone 11 launch in September

iPhone 11 Rumored To Be Launched in September


Among all the best smartphones brands globally, Apple Inc. is at the top in case of brand loyalty and design. Though iPhones don’t hold the best features in the market still its design holds such significant value and brand recognition that it has now become a status symbol. Amazingly, having an iPhone is the new cool and trend is getting viral day by day.

In the past decade, iPhone progressed a lot with time and came up with new and amazing designs and features every year. Their usual practice was to launch the new model was in September and it is rumored that they are going to do the same. According to The Sun, September 10 is the expected date of launch of iPhone 11. But there are no details regarding the features and design. It is also expected that price will remain the same for both top and regular models which will be $1000 and $600 respectively.

In the previous model, iPhone XS was good enough with some features to compete with other phones in the market like an amazing camera and high performance. Despite other features, Apple wasn’t able to get rid of the notch in the previous model, as other smartphone makers are able to provide notch free screens. iPhone 11 can also come up with a new design as after iPhone X the design is almost the same for some time. In case of competition, Apple will have to work very hard as Huawei P30 Pro and One Plus 7 Pro are already doing an amazing job in this case with top features. Let’s hope for the best as many iPhone fans are expecting a lot from the upcoming launch.

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