Is conditioner Dangerous for Hair Health?


Many women put so much emphasis on the shampoo they use, but many are guilty of skipping the conditioner. Well, although opinions may differ, for us conditioning is more important than the shampoo, which remains soap … indeed! Want some good advice? Invest in the best conditioner for your hair type, which you can afford! This will give you the hair you desire, full, shiny, curly or straight, healthy tresses! The crowning glory any true woman deserves!

Some women think that conditioner is only necessary for detangling their hair and therefore they skip it if they don’t struggle with tangles. Others think the texture of their hair is too fine or maybe too greasy. However, with this article, we want to emphasize the importance of using a hair conditioner for each and every woman, and to ask the question … what conditioner can do for your hair?

The benefits of using an appropriate conditioner:

 Coloured or Highlighted hair

If you are coloring your hair, it is essential to use a good conditioner or your color will fade soon! In the case of highlights, your hair will look brassy or appears dry!

 Conditioner May Help You Balancing the pH Level:

The shampoo is used to clean the hair and get rid of dirt, oils and other pollution which build up on hair. However, during the shampooing-process, the hair’s shell on the outside or called cuticle gets roughed up to a certain extent. However, the task of the conditioner lays in balancing your hair’s pH-levels, which will smooth down the cuticle.

It will also assist in preserving and locking the color into your hair as well as balance the moisture in the hair. Smooth cuticles create a healthy look, provide greater body & bounce and give it a stunning shine!

Roughed up cuticles are the culprits which cause your hair to tangle. Compare each hair strand to the tiles on a rooftop, which must point in the same downward direction. Now think of hundreds of hair strands with curled up cuticles and put it together, starting to cling and catch on to each other. Conditioning the hair make sure that the hair’s cuticles lay smoothly which prevent tangles and assist in detangling the hair.

 UV protection provided by conditioners:

The majority of conditioners have extra benefits which can include UV protection as well as the vital nutrients to keep not only your hair shiny but also your scalp manageable and healthy. Consider your conditioner as the base of your styling regimen; defining curls increasing volume and fighting frizz.

Addressing claims of greasiness or “weighing down” 

Many women skip conditioning their hair due to their claims that it makes their hair either greasy or too heavy. If your conditioner is causing these effects, you use the wrong product for your type of hair. The essentiality to find the perfect conditioner can’t be over-emphasized!

The next tip is that you should use your conditioner correctly. It should be applied after the use of shampoo on your hair. Massaged it into your scalp and smooth it down your hair from scalp to the tips of the hair.

Another very important issue is that your conditioner should be rinsed out properly. You can rinse your hair in warm to lucid water for between 30 and 60 seconds which is vital for sealing the cuticles.

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Should you feel that the conditioner you are using is too heavy, try a lighter moisturizing formula. Some good advice is to regularly use a clarifying treatment which will prevent all products, including conditioner, to build on your tresses!

Ask your hairstylist to recommend the perfect conditioner for your type of hair.

How to choose the best conditioner?

Determine your type of hair. After defining this choose your conditioner whether you have limp, oily hair; damaged, dry, brittle or dull hair; should you don’t have problems with either oily or dry hair, you are lucky and can choose the conditioner that will give you the desired and perfect hairstyle.

9 Tips to manage or prevent Greasy Oily Hair

  1. Look at your shampooing technique.
  2. Try to use the hair dryer less frequently.
  3. Wash your hair with cold water.
  4. Remember to clarify.
  5. Don’t touch your hair too much.
  6. Experiment with a hair powder.
  7. Try dry shampoo.
  8. Experiment with various hairstyles.
  9. Avoid shiny products.

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