Pakistan team ready to compete in World Cup 2019?

Is Pakistan team ready to compete with International Teams in World Cup 2019?


The players have been selected for the upcoming matches of world cup. We observe a lot of discussions and criticism as usual on the selection decision.

Some new players for example, Shaheen Afridi, Fkahar Zaman, Imamul Haq and Immad Waseem etc are going to play their matches first time in world cup 2019. So, yeah its true that it would be a great challenge for these young guys, however its also a big opportunity to earn a fame and become a big star for the 2019 and the time ahead.

Its time to Say Goodbye:

Another interesting thing, is that two important and match winning players namely Shoiab Malik and Mohammad Hafeez will play their life’s final world cup series. And its utmost desire of each player to make their last journey memorable and win the world cup for their nation.

Media Pressure Always Makes Difference:

In each series Pakistani team faces issues first of all from Media. The team management is asking them to join pre-matches training to cope with “hot-questions” from national and international journalists and keep focus on the big victory.

History Repeats Itself:

The history shows something happen definitely at such big events and it leaves deep impressions for the morality level. We should expect from our anchors as well that they will encourage our players as we have seen this in 1992 and 1999 matches.  It always puts extra energy in players.

Logical Point:

“So, the logical thing is that our players should be ready “mentally” too to win this game as the great cricketer “Imran Khan said, Minds are key players as well in the grounds to win or lose the battle” This could be the match winning strategy for our players and same we have seen in the time of Australian victorious span of time.”

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