Prince William cheating on Kate Middleton

Is Prince William cheating on Kate Middleton?


Shocking news regarding the royal family is circulating on social media these days. The rumor suggests the reason why Kate Middleton’s friendship ended with her best friend Rose Handbury. Perhaps it is because Prince William was allegedly cheating on the Duchess with her former friend.

According to the reports, last month an unsubstantiated rumor has rocked the world after British journalist Nicole Cliffe has posted this shocking news on twitter in which she claimed Kate has been cheated on by Prince William with her best friend.

After Nicole’s claim, ‘In Touch Magazine’ has also suggested an affair was brewing between Prince William and Kate’s best friend Rose Handbury.

The sources also revealed that as soon as the news broke out Kate immediately questioned William whether the rumors are true. At which he just laughed off, saying that ‘there’s nothing to it’.

Although the officials have not yet commented on the reports which are published by well-reputed news sources, they only stated that the rumor “was totally wrong and false.”

The Daily Beast has further reported that at least one British publication has been served with legal warnings regarding the publishing of fake rumors of an affair between Prince William and Kate’s former friend.

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