Feroze Khan asked Momina Duraid

“Is this what freedom of speech gets you?” Feroze Khan asked Momina Duraid


Social media is a powerful weapon in today’s era. Where it has a lot of benefits, it also has a lot of drawbacks.

As we all know that a few days back Firdous Jamal, the veteran actor, has passed sexist remarks about Mahira Khan after calling her “a mediocre sort of a model”.

On the other hand, Mahira Khan didn’t mind his words. Rather she insisted her fellow celebrities and fans to accept other people’s opinions as well.

However, there were a few celebrities who have gone so far in this business. One of them is Momina Duraid. She has recently posted on her Instagram handle where she has announced that she has decided to remove and ban Firdous Jamal from all the MD Productions.

She declared his comments as “Disrespectful and regressive”. She also announced that her company “Would not work with him again in any capacity.”

Here is her post,

On the other hand, Firdous Jamal’s son comes up supporting his father and his opinion. After criticizing Momina’s decision.

Here are his comments in a video,

And then we have our best actor award winning star, Feroze Khan. He has strongly condemned Momina Duraid’s decision of banning Firdous Jamal.

He mentioned on his Instagram handle,

“My question…is this what freedom of speech gets you?” he stressed, adding, “Getting someone’s bread and butter cancelled? If it does … then I want every single @#$% out there bashing any human being on the internet gets cancelled the same way! Because you can’t! Enough is enough!”

“Get up before you’re next!” he asserted!

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