Is WhatsApp Good for Mental Health?

As you know, technology is advancing in every single day with the invention of cool gadgets and software. 7-8 years back, there was an evolution of Facebook which is still there and now it has been used worldwide. Each technology comes with advantages and disadvantages.

Facebook also has many advantages because we interact with people of different mindsets all over the world. Chat and call feature are also awesome. There are several games and apps on Facebook which never make someone bored.

Facebook owns Instagram and WhatsApp which are the fastest growing social media app. Nowadays every common man has an account on WhatsApp because it is the best way to communicate with other people, sharing all important images, messages, and documents in a matter of clicks.

WhatsApp is the fastest growing app and has many cool features. As we have discussed that every technology has merits and demerits, so WhatsApp has also but the study shows WhatsApp is good for mental health. It gives an approach of creativity in mind. Sometimes, at time of sad feelings WhatsApp give people a good company. To release the stress from mind, people use this application and divert their attention. That’s why health experts claimed it to be a healthy stuff.

Many businessmen use WhatsApp for sharing documents. You can communicate with any individual without an issue and it increases your understanding. Furthermore, you can make business groups for the promotion of business.

This WhatsApp technology changes the lives of people dramatically. It is involved in the lives of a common man as well as in the lives of business class. Many business marketing WhatsApp software are available in the market. They are reducing the cost of promotion. Any new launch can be promoted via WhatsApp group message option.

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