Ishq Zah-e-Naseeb Episode 07 Review

From the very first episode, “Ishq Zah-e-Naseeb” has been successful in hooking its audience. We have been given an insight into the lives of the main characters. The manner in which they behave clearly reflects their sufferings, whether it’s about Sameer and Donia or about Kashif and Gohar.

So, what happened in this week’s episode?

The episode starts with Zoya resigning from Sameer’s office after he has slapped her for taking his mother to the hospital without his permission. After meeting the doctor, Sameer realized that Gohar has actually done right. He tried to talk to her but she doesn’t listen to him. Rather she spoke quite rudely to him. She has explained to him that he is so self-centered that he didn’t even care for his mother. The only thing he is concerned about is that we have not taken his permission. She immediately left his office.

Moreover, this week’s episode was also very important in terms of plot development. The team “Ishq Zah-e-Naseeb” has unveiled some astonishing facts, particularly about Sameer and Donia. Both characters are bearing the brunt of their past lives. Sameer about Zoya and Donia about Farhan.

Donia (Kashif’s boss) was a very jolly girl who was full of life. She was engaged to her cousin Farhan who was a career centered man. Unfortunately, fate turned against her making her crippled. Farhan tried to support her but his career was more important to him so he has left her. That was the reason behind Donia’s behaving so rudely with people associated with her. Donia’s father has revealed this to Kashif explaining that his daughter has been fighting long way.

Kashif was actually sorry to hear this. However. He has also received good news about the approval of his loan. He has given the cheque to his mother. Everybody was quite happy in his house.

On the other hand, we have witnessed how Sameer has killed his fiancée Zoya after pushing her from the balcony. He has recalled the time after Zoya’s cousin arrived at his office and declared him a killer in front of the watchman and Gohar. Gohar was actually surprised to hear this.

Gohar is actually very disturbed about her family and the loan they have taken from her phopho. She again joined Sameer’s company as she is left with no other option.

After witnessing Zoya’s cousin’s remarks about Sameer that he is a killer, she mentioned this to Nura, the lady who worked with her in Sameer’s Villa. Nura explained to her that she doesn’t know anything about it. She also revealed that Sameer was engaged with Zoya and her death was very disturbing for him.

While talking this, she explained the night of Zoya’s murder quite hesitantly to Gohar. Before she could speak anything she was being called by Sameer’s mother. And here’s the serial end.

Here’s the complete episode,

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