Ishq Zah-e-Naseeb Episode 10 Review


It seemed that “Ishq Zah-e-Naseeb” is not going to spare its audience out of curiosity and interest. Each character in this drama serial has its own worth and you can’t even term a single scene as the exaggerated one in the whole course of the drama serial.

It’s been 10 episodes and we are still sitting full of curiosity as what is going to happen next. Things are getting really serious and twisty particularly about Sameer and Donia. Now the question rises, why only Sameer and Donia?

Well, we have been clearly given all the character details of Sameer and Donia. How they see the world from a different prospective. They are boss who can rule anybody at any time as it is evident from both of them. Gradually, they are realizing that things shouldn’t work this way. There’s another world which is even more beautiful than this imaginative world of them.

So, this week’s episode marks some complexities in the lives of the main characters. Kashif has left the job and is worried about what to do for the future. He has tried different companies but returned hopelessly. Moreover, his mother asked him for money so that she can start the wedding preparations for his sister.

At last, he went to Sameer’s company and while interview he revealed that he has been working with Donia. While hearing Donia, Sameer abruptly cancelled his internship mentioning that he may be a spy who would leak his office’s projects to Donia.

On the other hand, Donia is engrossed in the thoughts of Kashif. She thinks about all those words which Kashif has said to her. It seemed that she will change her mind and call him back. And that’s exactly what she has done. While talking to her father, she advised him to bring Kashif back if he thinks that Kashif could prove to be a very faithful and hardworking employee of the country.

Gohar is fighting the battle of his heart and mind. She is helpless. She can’t do anything for his indebted father except to accept Jahangir’s marriage proposal.

She has even left her job. Sameer sent one of his managers to Gohar’s house to let her back to the work. However, she refused to do so as she is getting married. Sameer’s secretary advised him to visit Gohar personally. According to her, she is perhaps facing a lot of problems and Sameer could be a solution to her problems.

Sameer, who is the boss, didn’t like her idea and instantly asked her to leave his office. However, he is deep in thoughts and we don’t know what he is thinking about. Perhaps he is thinking about what his secretary has asked him.

By the end of the episode, we have seen that there was a knock at Gohar’s door and she went to see who is outside the house. For audience and Gohar’s surprise, the moment she opened the door, she saw Sameer standing outside. She is all wonder struck to see him at his doorstep.

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Next Episode Teaser

The teaser of the next episode is interesting as well. Sameer asked her for the money his father has for the loan. On the other hand, Kashif is being called by the Jabbar Company but he refused to do so. But Donia will hire him again.

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