“Ishq Zah-e-Naseeb” Episode 9 Review


So, the drama serial is gradually coming towards its climax. Each character in this play is performing quite brilliantly. The acting skills of Sonya Hussain and Zahid Ahmed. A remarkable plot development with interesting storyline has made this drama serial a top notch among the rest.

So, what happened in this week’s episode?

With some successful ratings, “Ishq Zah-e-Naseeb” is hooking the audience quite favorably. As we already know that Gohar’s fiancée is not letting her work in a house. He has revealed the reality to the entire family members. Even he reached at Sameer’s Villa to show a lifetime lesson to Gohar. We have seen how Sameer interrupts him in his business with Gohar.

After a few minutes of melodrama, he left the house in fury. On the other hand, Sameer is angry at Gohar for speaking lie to her family members who think that she is doing the job of a receptionist. She explained to him that she was helpless. She couldn’t find any way out except accepting his engagement with an uneducated person. She mentioned that his father is indebted to them. After hearing all this, Sameer left the place without answering or saying anything.

Kashif Left His Job

On the other hand, Donia is furious at Kashif as he touched her while shifting her to the hospital as she was faint. She is a kind of escapist who finds solace in hurting and insulting other people just for the purpose of catharsis. She yelled at him, insulted him and keeps on degrading him until he speaks up.

Kashif gives a severe reaction to her and makes it clear to her that she is not crippled by legs, rather she is crippled by mind. He also resigned and asked her that he is not her slave whom she could treat the way she wants to at anytime and anywhere.

He knows that he has left the job but he also knows that he has a lot of responsibilities. He cannot escape the realities of life. While going home, Gohar saw him standing on the traffic signal. She recalled the time they were together. She cries without uttering a single word to him and then leaves the place.

Gohar’s brother tried to control her life saying that she would not go to the office tomorrow. She also insulted her brother for having so weak morals. She refused to marry as she doesn’t want a life partner like her fiancée.

The drama serial is really getting complex. We don’t know how things will unfold for the characters.

Next Episode Teaser

The teaser of the next episode revealed that Kashif has applied to the company of Sameer and Donia is upset over the fact that her father is taking the side of Kashif while he himself witnessed how rudely he talked to her.

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